3 Fun Ways to Drink Water Easily

Do you know our bodies contain over 60% water? Yes. And this is cut across all age-groups; whether infants, teenagers, adults, and the old. What does this mean? This means hydrating all day long should be part of us.

It has been over-emphasized by the health experts and nutritionists but still, it hasn’t made it easier to take the recommended 2–3litres per day. This is because of the functions of the body such as digestion of food, boosts general mood, prevents headache and kidney stones, and strengthens physical performance.

Here’s a look at how we can make it more enjoyable and fun and reap the benefits while at it.

1.Creative ice-cubes

What is your most favorite fruit (s)? Apart from just eating it, you can drink it too! This can be done by either squeezing or blending the juice out of the fruit and pouring it into the ice-cube tray.

Use ice-cube trays that are interesting and have fun shapes such as diamond, stars, oval going forth. Once frozen, add the flavored star ice-cubes into your water throughout the day. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon/lime, thorn melons can fit here well. Keep experimenting on variety.

2.Brew flavored tea

Nowadays there are a number of flavored teas we can enjoy from the shelves. They are categorized into white, red, and green. Cinnamon, hibiscus, cardamom, mint, and green tea.

Select one that excites your taste buds and leaves you yearning for more. Dip your preferable number of tea bag (s)into a large jug and let it soak to your taste. Drink and enjoy it at room temperature or if you want it cool, refrigerate and drink the whole day.

3.Add fresh vegetables or fruits

Fruits or vegetables can be sliced, mashed, diced, or cut into chunks and dipped in drinking water overnight. The next day you will be effortlessly removing toxins from your body as you drink the vitamin-filled water.

If you love berries such as strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry mashing can work for you. Some may prefer infusing lemon or lime. Others may enjoy dipping slices of cucumber, carrots, or any other vegetable they love. Chunks of pineapple can also sweeten the water and it’s more fun drinking as you eat them.

Final thoughts…

A good place to start is to list down your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flavored teas. Get them from the local supermarket and experiment on all of them. Feel free to add more ideas and let creativity in enjoying water, be a lifestyle!



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